HighContrast VOID

Security labels have the important task to cope with, prevent or make evident various types of product fraud, such as tampering, replacing, refilling, counterfeiting and parallel trading. A clear and unmistakable indication of a manipulation is essential. This is where the HighContrast VOID comes into play, which convinces with particularly intensive opening effects.

I want more security for my products

The first fully transparent security label with wow effect is now available!

Secure product protection and aesthetics do not have to be a contradiction! HighContrast VOID technology enables completely transparent security labels with an impressive opening effect that integrate seamlessly into the existing packaging design. We offer maximum product protection without changing the packaging or product design.

How it works

HighContrastVOID technology is an innovation of our well-proven VOID technology. This innovation in the manufacturing process enables particularly impressive opening effects and unique irreversible effects when resealing is attempted. 

The tamper-evident security label cannot be transferred to another package or reused. In general, the packaging itself cannot be used a second time, especially in the case of cardboard packaging, because clearly visible traces of opening remain on the surface.

There are no limits to the design of the HighContrastVOID label. The technology can be supplemented with other security features to provide your brand with the best possible and most comprehensive protection:

  • Hidden Code
  • Luminescent ink
  • NFC / RFID
  • Hologram
  • Temperature indication for tampering with heat or cold


Strong VOID effect combined with unique code

Combined with unique codes, so-called UIDs, you can benefit even more. Communicate with your customers, get transparency across the entire supply chain of your products and reliably uncover gray markets and parallel trade. Suspicious incidents and illegal activities in your markets can be tracked immediately and in real time.

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