Case Study Tobacco

Until now, a tobacco company has been using wet glue tax stamps for its tobacco products, which are sold in pouches. For snuff products which are sold in metal tins, a self-adhesive label was required.

Purpose & Application

The EU TPD Directive (DIRECTIVE 2014/40/EU) prescribes how tobacco products must be labeled and secured. Traceability and security features must be applied to tobacco products to ensure compliance with this directive. In addition to clear labeling, all units of tobacco products must have tamper-evident and copy-proof security features. A combination of visible and invisible security features is required. Overt security features include guilloches, microtext, color-changing inks, etc.

An example of covert security features is UV ink, which must be illuminated with ultraviolet light to become visible.

Print & Security Features

This self-adhesive tax stamp has a wide range of security features. On the surface of the label you can see a microtext, as well as guilloches in 2 different colors. The hexagons and the bars on top of the label contain a color-shifting ink that changes from gold to green when its tilted. On the sides of the label, there are protective inner die cuts.

There are also other hidden security features in the tax stamp, which we are not allowed to go into in detail due to confidentiality agreements.


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