The Best Environmental Projects in Lower Austria

Münchendorf, June 2024


Securikett is recognized as a Best Practice example in the category of Sustainable Products and Services

At the Lower Austrian Eco-Management Day 2024, organized by the Economic Chamber of Lower Austria in June 2024, a total of 32 consulting projects in the field of environmental and climate protection from the past two years were awarded. Among the 6 Best Practice examples, including Securikett, 26 municipalities and organizations, as well as consultants, were honored for their commitment to climate protection and sustainability.

From left to right: WKNÖ President Wolfgang Ecker, Felix Waniek (Securikett), consultant Sabrina Lichtnegger (ECOFIDES Consulting GmbH), Lukas Lovrek (Securikett), and Deputy Governor Stephan Pernkopf; Photo credit: Tanja Wagner

Facts and Figures of the Entire Project Series

In 2023, the Ecological Business Consulting in the Economic Chamber conducted a total of 731 energy consultations with companies, identifying a potential CO2 reduction of 37,000 tons. The Eco-Management of Lower Austria supported a total of 1,272 consulting days for 377 Lower Austrian businesses and municipalities in 2023. This led to the planning of 740 environmentally relevant measures, with a total initial investment of approximately €90 million, resulting in savings of 9,200 tons of CO2 equivalents. More info

The Facts Behind the Best Practice Example Securikett Project in the Category of Sustainable Products and Services

  • Creation of a greenhouse gas balance Scope 3
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases, e.g., by shifting the transport of products from air to rail/ship
  • Expansion of the existing photovoltaic system
  • Ongoing transition to electric mobility


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