Spectacular opening effect offers even more security for products and packaging

New security label combines impressive 3D effect with surprising TripleVOID technology

Münchendorf, April 2024

In order to put a stop to fraudulent activities, such as exchange in transit or refill of original packaging with fakes, measures to combat counterfeit products are essential. Securikett offers the highest level of physical and digital product protection from a single source and has various product protection technologies at its disposal.

TripleVOID – the 3D opening experience

Securikett’s TripleVOID products are an established part of the product portfolio. This technique has been further developed with optical features to create a memorable 3D effect. These SecurityLabels are impressive both in the closed and opened states.

When the label is peeled off, a cube pattern of previously unseen colors appears. If you try to close the label again, the effect remains visible and any attempt to open it is clearly and irreversibly indicated.

From top to bottom: applied, opened, tampered


The family business Securikett is a global leader of SecurityLabels, and also offers innovative one-stop SMART PACKAGING integrating manipulation evidence, security and IoT services. The company was founded 2001 and engages 90 employees. Applications by Securikett are used on luxury goods, spirits, medicines, spare parts and shipping boxes. Based in Austria, Securikett currently distributes products to 45 countries around the world.

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