PaperVOID Labels with Opening Flap

Münchendorf, February 2023

Securikett presents innovation in circular economy

Multiple award-winning IT’S PAPER series of paper-based security labels gets further expansion

Securikett’s product line of sustainable and eco-friendly security labels has recently gained another innovation. “Equipped with an opening flap and a peel-off barrier, the new
paper security seals not only offer innovative technical functions, but also achieve a distinct security effect for consumers through their visual appearance when peeled off,” says Werner Horn, managing partner of Securikett.

from left to right.: 1. Applied label, 2. Security label opened to the peel-off brake – the customized opening effect gets visible, 3. Reclosure is indicated immediatel

What is special about the paper tamper seal product innovation?

“The adhesive-free opening flap allows consumers to easily and conveniently peel off the label without using a tool such as a knife or scissors. Consumers are invited by arrow symbols and the word “OPEN” to peel off the label at the opening tab,” says Vanessa Mitterer, head of research at Securikett. In addition to optimizing the paper security label for the consumer side, Securikett’s R&D team also considered the circular economy and incorporated a peel-off barrier into the label. “This prevents the label from being completely detached from the packaging and thus both components are recycled together,” clarifies Ms. Mitterer.

“With the new PaperVOID labels, we are able to tailor our products even better to the needs of the customers. The integrated opening flap makes the usage of paper security labels even more attractive, while at the same time creating a positive contribution to the circular economy and optimizing the recycling process of paper and cardboard packaging.”

Security labels with opening flap and peel-off barrier on reels

Eco-friendly and fully customizable

The multiple award-winning IT’S PAPER series is produced from renewable raw materials using 100% green electricity from renewable sources for the manufacturing process. “Our latest products can be adapted to any corporate design. This individual design flexibility applies not only to the outer appearance of the label, but also to the opening effect. The so-called VOID effect, which only becomes visible when the label is removed, can be customized with logos or texts. In this way, comprehensive product protection is provided and an impressive wow effect is achieved for the consumer,” explains Mr. Werner Horn.

Color varieties, suitable to packaging material and different VOID effects 

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