Benefits of Product Digitalization

Integrity of Product and Distribution Channels


  • Make your loyal customers feel save about your product, enable easy verification
  • Increase your robustness and resilience against fraudulent activities in your market
  • Let customers become your advocates - product checks anywhere and anytime with smartphone
  • Continuously collect data on products and their location in your markets
  • Get alerts on suspicious incidents in your markets in real-time
  • Capture at a glance what's going on with you personalized dashboard
  • Recognize patterns of fraudulent activities with the help of specific rule sets
  • Analyze data cube graphically to drill down and uncover the root cause of incidents
  • Obtain irrefutable evidence of fraudulent activities and the actors behind them
  • Increase customer loyalty through direct involvement and communication
  • Improve predictive planning and stock management

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Distinctive Features of the CODIKETT IoT Platform

CODIKETT is a IoT-Platform which provides a SaaS-Solution to monitor the integrity of products and their distribution channels in real time. Central element is the CODIKETT-Code, a unique identifier (UID) and link to the digital twin of an item under surveillance, its attributes, and related verification services.

Printed as QR-Code, directly marked onto the product or stored on an NFC/RFID-Chip, the CODIKETT-Code can be captured with any reader, e.g., a smartphone without the need to incorporate proprietary hardware or apps.

Insight in Securikett's Digital Product Solutions (Video)



CODIKETT UID Provisioning

The main achievement in providing UIDs is to guarantee that each UID is truly unique and neither randomly guessable nor mathematically predictable. Even when billions of UIDs are provided. Strongly encrypted CODIKETT UIDs fulfill this requirement. This is confirmed by the fact that Securikett was accredited by ITSA (International Tax Stamp Organization) as issuer of UIDs for the tax stamp industry.

CODIKETT UIDs are inherently sequential. This unique feature allows for more rapid and efficient processes in enrollment and verification.



Identification and Authentication

The verification of UIDs alone reliably detects suspicious incidents and helps you to prosecute illicit activities in your markets immediately.

To exclude fraud with copied codes CODIKETT’s optional authentication services are available. Even more the CODIKETT IoT-Platform is ready to interoperate with 3rd party authentication services.



Production and Logistics

No limits. Order related or on stock production, single or multiple production sites, direct or multistage distribution – all business processes can be mapped.

Multiple aggregation levels support efficient enrollment and tracking of shipments.



System Security and Performance

High availability and high-performance data center hosted in the EU. Generation and verification of millions of UID’s in seconds.

CODIKETT IoT-Platform is built with state-of-the-art software development stacks. As a result, it offers the latest level of security, extensive interoperability with other services, and platform-independent executability.



Implementation and Management

The CODIKETT IoT-platform allows you to configure its services yourself in all areas in order to adapt them to your specific situation and objectives. This includes management of user and access rights.

Yet, to ramp up operations quickly the CODIKETT teams offer comprehensive consulting and implementation support. This includes value creation and administration processes, selection and sourcing of required hardware as well as the supply of state-of-the art security labels for product marking.