Looking for the Digital Transformation Strategy best suited for your products?

Challenges in digitizing products can quickly turn into a digital tsunami. We combine Digital Transformation Technology and years of built-up expertise into a whole, because in both the physical and digital realms, best-applied security features are the bee-all and end-all.

Our Digital Transformation Solution

You want to be able to track the product journey of every single product that leaves your factory? 
It is important to you that everyone in the supply chain gets the requested information? With our EAS (electronic article surveillance) security labels this could be achieved quick and easy. Specific data broken down into different business areas such as production planning, brand protection, compliance, packaging & logistics will support your business planning and immediately identify abuses of the brand you have built.

Authentication of products

It would be of great benefit if your customers can be sure they have the original product in their hands by being able to authenticate it easily and quickly without an app? 
If you agree and would like to learn more about our service, contact us for an initial digitization of product consultation.

You can find more information about our service here.