Detect gray markets and reduce unauthorized distribution


Counterfeits are invading the supply chain. Gray markets decrease the margin.

Counterfeiters put fake products into circulation by mixing them with originals. Resellers may distribute the products to unauthorized dealers or markets. Returning counterfeit goods is another widely used stratagem for turning fakes into cash. In certain fields and industries traceability (track & trace) is more often a legal requirement.

With the digital serialization and traceability services of Securikett you are enabled to quickly overcome these challenges:

  • Unique product identification
  • Continuous traceability
  • Supply chain transparency and analysis of the flow of goods - including management of distributed stocks
  • Identification and reduction of gray trade / parallel trading activities 
  • GEO tracking
  • Localization and identification of lost or stolen goods

The Securikett solution

We meet the challenge of global grey trade with unique product/packaging serialisation. This serialisation uses unambiguous, secure Codikett codes. Codes must be identifiable – for example as a printed QR code or NFC for consumers and RFID for logistics.

During the packaging and shipping process, data association to each code is efficiently supported at batch or item level by Codikett interfaces and special shop floor apps. For details refer to our workshops for process integration of traceability in IT & logistics.

When a user checks a code, the user's GEO location will be compared in real time with the intended markets. Any discrepancies or the detection of certain pre-defined situations (e.g. stolen goods) immediately triggers an alarm and individual messages to the consumers. This function and all subsequent analyses are fully supported by Codikett cloud platform.


Every process step is supported by the Codikett software: From labelling including data allocation to packaging aggregation and shipping via distributors.

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