Stop product counterfeiting and increase customer loyalty


Counterfeit products harm your brand image.

Counterfeit products are a serious, widespread problem. They harm both the producer and the consumer – in the worst cases (counterfeit medicines, for example) they can even be deadly.

According to estimates by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the World Customs Organization, counterfeit products account for up to 7% of world trade – and the trend is upwards. Given the diversity of distribution channels (Internet retailing)  and the simplification of the technology for packaging printing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate genuine products from counterfeits – and not just for end customers.
Securikett offers quick and efficient solutions to these challenges.

  • Integration of overt and covert authentication technologies
  • Use of tamper evident labels
  • Integration of digital product protection methods

The Securikett security solution

We combat counterfeiting with unambiguous authentication of original products. This can be achieved by directly marking the product or by labelling the packaging, for example with security labels. The key issues here are prior opening protection and tamper-evident labelling.

A Securikett security label is distinguished by a perfect combination of different security features.

The Securikett toolbox provides a broad palette of versatile features for this purpose. Together with our experts, choose from a variety of overt or covert authentication features, security inks, tamper evident technologies and serialisation using variable data printing, to create the right package for you.

Along with the security aspect, design is also an important consideration: the design is customised to match your specifications in order to ensure high recognition value and exclusive visual appearance. Logos, symbols and lettering can be directly embedded in the security components.


Securikett VOIDLabels reliably indicate prior opening. These security labels are virtually impossible to transfer to counterfeit products.