Double protection for screw caps

Münchendorf, July 2023

Securikett is expanding its portfolio of security labels for tamper-evident sealing of packaging with screw caps.

Product packaging with sealing caps and twist mechanism has always been a special challenge for product protection in order to protect consumers from illegal refills. The Austrian label manufacturer Securikett has also been offering security labels for this segment for many years. Due to the latest technological developments at Securikett, the company has decided to implement the new “HighContrast” technology for screw cap labels as well. 

Striking Opening-effect ensures a unique opening experience; any detachment or transfer of the security label is immediately indicated. From left to right: closed, opened, tampered

Particularly suitable for securing reclosable packaging
The security closure labels are particularly suitable for tubes, jars and plastic containers with screw or hinged closures. If the closure is unscrewed or flipped open, the label destroys along the integrated punching, making an opening clearly visible and making it impossible to stick back or reuse the label.

Tamper protection 4.0.
“If the label is cut open along the closure cap, the security seal will curl. With conventional seals, this type of opening is often not immediately visible to the naked eye. With this seal, you can see this at first glance,” explains Vanessa Mitterer, Head of Research and Development.

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