SecurePaperVoid - IT'S PAPER series

IT'S PAPER - the first PAPER-based security seal with VOID technology is now available

Recyclable packaging based on renewable resources is in demand worldwide. To meet this demand, Securikett has created a revolutionary paper-based security seal technology, offering sustainable and secure sealing for cardboard packaging. The new recyclable PaperVOID security labels are available in semi-transparent and opaque designs and show striking and distinct security effects. The security seals transform any type of folding paper box into a safe. 

Secure packaging. Talk to our eco-sustainable packaging experts today and request your personalized paper closure seal with VOID effect.

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Video clip about Securikett's IT'S PAPER series (1:49)

Advantages of the PaperVOID label at a glance

Join the biodegradable packaging

  • "One package - one material" - improve the recycling process for paper packaging: recycle 2-gether
  • Provide top sealing protection at the same time you protect your products, your brand and your consumers
  • Paper void labels are produced from renewable materials
  • Eco-friendly material for packaging, substitutes for plastic
  • Optimize your green balance and meet future sustainability directives 
  • Exclusive Austrian production guarantees hightest quality standards

Functional strengths of the tamper evident paper seals

  • Super strong effects with opaque PaperVOIDs
  • Semi-transparent paper seals allow packaging information to remain readable underneath
  • When peeling off, the paper label rolls up particularly strongly and becomes an additional distinctive security feature


A Super PaperVOID that can do it all

When it comes to product properties such as sustainability, origin, authenticity, supply chain integrity, ethics, etc., digital Securikett technology enables this information to be linked directly to each individual sales unit of product. In this way, the properties can be communicated to the customer in a trustworthy, transparent and personal way and increase the integrity and perception of the product.

Customers are increasingly shifting their loyalty and trust away from brands to individual products. To meet this change in consumer buying behavior, it is becoming increasingly important for products to communicate directly with consumers, what makes digital aspects even more important. By digitizing products, you can give your customers a safe feeling when buying your products, continuously collect data and receive alerts about suspicious incidents in your markets in real time.

The new PaperVOID labels, with integrated unique item level codes, can be fully customized to the customer's corporate design.

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Sustainable packaging innovation in different designs

The PaperVOID seals are offered in different designs, sizes and colors. Of course, the paper seals also have the security VOID effect, which leaves an irreversible pattern on the packaging when removed. Opening of the packaging is immediately and clearly indicated. The paper seals are available in both opaque and transparent versions and can be used in all branches of industry what makes them a perfect substitute for plastic.

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NEW: The tamper-proof PaperVOID James

The label’s double VOID technology doesn’t let opening and resealing of a package go by unnoticed. Any attempt to secretly manipulate the label with heat or cold is destined to fail because this is immediately indicated by discoloration. Manipulation with liquids also becomes visible - the paper material enhances the effect. A QR code provides additional security and various digital features.

Recycling made easy - James remains attached to the packaging even after it has been peeled off. So no recyclable material is lost.

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PaperStripes - sustainable paper seals with VOID effect for cardboard boxes

Securikett takes another step towards sustainability and expands its ecologically friendly product portfolio. 

In addition to the already well-known paper-based security labels and adhesive tapes with VOID effect, the PaperStripe seals have now joined the range of sustainable tamper resistant labels. The PaperStripe closing seals work similar to the PaperLock security tapes and are suitable for smaller cardboard boxes. Due to the paper-based material of the seals, the packaging including the label can be recycled together.


SecurityLock - the first paper-based SecurityTape

In addition to our PaperVOID seals, we have recently started offering sustainable paper-based security adhesive tapes. These adhesive tapes, which are available in different colors, are particularly suitable for use on cardboard packaging, as the entire cardboard including the adhesive tape can be recycled together. This means that it is no longer necessary to separate the raw materials and plastic can be substituted easily. Thanks to the integrated security VOID effect, which leaves an irreversible pattern on the packaging when it is removed, it is possible to instantly see whether the package has already been opened.

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Green corporate goals in sight

Simply replace your existing plastic packaging labels with Securikett's PaperVOIDs designed for paper cartons and easily achieve your green goals. By using only one packaging material, all packaging can be recycled together. Additionally, paper is one of the most renewable resources and recycling of paper is well established.

The products of our "IT'S PAPER" series are PTS certified.

EU-wide amendment of packaging law

In the future, there will be penalties within the EU for packaging that is not designed to be recyclable. Further bans on plastics for certain applications are likely. Shifting to paper-based seals is a smart move for all businesses since the pulp material can be recycled together with the folding cartons. "Future proof" your packaging to meet the evolving packaging requirements for sustainability.

What does the term VOID mean for security labels?

VOID is an English term that stands for something that is marked by use. In this case, VOID means that when the seal is opened, it displays unmistakable evidence of opening that cannot be undone. Specifically, the words "VOID" or "OPEN" are often used in this context. Symbols such as an open lock, an X, or breakage patterns are also commonly used to indicate that the package has been opened.