Tax stamps & banderols for alcohol and tobacco (TPD)


Collecting tax revenue on time is a major concern of any government aiming to fulfil
its budgetary obligations.

Consequently, tax bands as a visible sign of paid revenue are finding more widespread use.


Not only that, but tax bands also play an important role in supply chain and cross-
border monitoring, particularly where legally controlled goods such as cigarettes and alcohol are concerned.

Today, the intelligent use of unique codes even allows tax bands to be used as a link to supply chain participants and consumers.




  • Easy to apply automatically
  • Easy to administer


  • Secure against copying
  • Cannot be easily removed and replaced
  • Intelligent numbering and coding scheme
  • Code creation, handling and verification System

Distribution controlling of the physical and digital aspects of tax bands is also part of the concept.


SECURIKETT® tax stamps and banderols fulfil all current requirements (also TPD-2).


  • Copy-proof printing, inks and holograms
  • Integration of unique, molecular taggants (DNA)
  • Pre-printed and controlled serials and alphanumeric codes
  • SECURIKETT® self-adhesive tax stamps and banderols are tamper-evident thanks to the proprietary VOID technology and other self-destructible features
  • The highly scalable and secure CODIKETT® cloud platform for unique IDs (UIDs) can be an integral part of the solution. It manages the relevant information for each single code, such as: manufacturer, manufacturing site, product, recipient, target market etc., and allows online verification at any time
  • Available in sheets, stacks, reels


Take advantage of SECURIKETT’s expertise in both the areas of security label printing and data management, all from one provider!

Using the CODIKETT® web-based system for monitoring and verifying unique codes will make your application really effective.


Be sure to use the very latest types of tax bands, which are secure, tamper-evident, and fully featured with online verification and communication capabilities!