Security labels and tamper evident seals against counterfeiting and tampering

Counterfeiting - a serious danger. 

Securikett offers comprehensive solutions against these challenges: Tamper proof seals and customized security labels, with unique identification (QR code, NFC, RFID), 2-factor authentication, direct customer engagement and traceability throughout the supply chain.

If non-residue or dual layer security labels are required, we deliver what you need.

The OECD estimates the global trade in counterfeit branded products at EUR 530 billion per year - and the trend is upwards. Counterfeiting is therefore a widespread problem. It harms both produces and consumers.Counterfeit medicines pose an acute risk to health and can even be deadly.

Thanks to security measures, dealers and consumers can easily differentiate original products from counterfeit or illegally traded articles.

Secure packaging power of Security Labels & Tamper Evident Seals' Printing


Securikett Security Labels and Tamper Evident Seals offer effective protection for original products. The authentication labels are always individualised solutions specifically tailored to our customers' exact requirements and capabilities.


The individual SECURIKETT® tamper evident security labels are available for luxury goods, premium drinks, pharmaceutical and automotive industries and many others. Take a look at all 13 application groups at a glance.

Combine these security labels and seals with NFC or RFID and the CODIKETT® cloud services: The digital platform for product verification, traceability and consumer engagement.