Security seals for bottles


Retaining brand integrity starts with a solid strategy to ensure that legitimate wholesalers as well as consumers receive the original product they intended to buy.

The SECURIKETT® suite of security seals together with the CODIKETT® system provide you with the most efficient tools from a single source!

Gain more control over your supply chain, deter refilling, and give  incentives to retain loyal customers!

Let users feel confident, that a bottle contains the original contents!



  • The original is identifiable at the moment of purchasing
  • The authentication measures increases trust in the brand
  • Solution can be used for supply chain intelligence
  • Solution can be used for end-to-end marketing
  • Solution allows for incentives to deter refilling
  • No negative impact on brand appearance


  • Resistant against manipulation, tampering and replacement
  • Difficult to copy
  • Unique codes and their attributed information not predictable


SECURIKETT® fulfils these requirements with integrated authentication and identification labels.

They can be placed on the bottle closure, neck, or main body depending on the specific customisation of the solution.


  • Tamper-evident security labels or cap sleeves
  • NFC for consumer engagament and first opening indication (tamper evident)
  • RFID for logistics  (inventories, empties management)
  • Proprietary VOID effect leads to a distinct colour change upon manipulation or removal
  • Unpredictable codes, unique per item label
  • System to generate and manage the codes
  • Decorative appearance with the latest effects in screen printing, hotfoil and holograms
  • Ready for CODIKETT®cloud platform for traceability, 
    authentication and consumer engagement


The holistic concept of the all-in-one sealing and identification system contributes to an overall brand integrity strategy.

It supports consumers’ trust in the original product for future market growth.

At the same time, the SECURIKETT® solution helps brand managers to better monitor their supply chain and provides them directly with market intelligence information.

SECURIKETT® seals for bottles are in worldwide use, based upon know-how and proven technologies.


The individual SECURIKETT® security labels with tamper protection are available for luxury goods, premium drinks, pharmaceutical and automotive industries and many others. Take a look at all 13 application groups at a glance.

Combine these security labels and seals with NFC or RFID and the CODIKETT® cloud services: The digital platform for product verification, traceability and consumer engagament.