Seals for the validation of security-relevant documents


More than ever, certificates and valuable documents need proof of authentication.

As printers and copy machines can repeatedly print out the same content, a print-independent physical means of control is required.


Let users and authorities trust in the authenticity of a document!




  • easily used,
  • understood and
  • recognized as being a true original.

The value of the document needs to be immediately identifiable as being secure and based on modern technology.

Distribution control of the physical and digital means of document validation has to be part of the concept.



The SECURIKETT® toolbox fulfils these requirements.

Let us help you select the right components for the custom system of your choice:




Take advantage of a versatile and experienced partner!

SECURIKETT® not only has a proprietary solution for document seals, but we also offer a full spectrum from secure stationery to web-based code verification.


SECURIKETT® solutions for document validation are proven in governmental and industry applications and are in worldwide use.



The individual SECURIKETT® security labels with tamper protection are available for luxury goods, premium drinks, pharmaceutical and automotive industries and many others. Take a look at all 13 application groups at a glance.

Combine these security labels and seals with NFC or RFID and the CODIKETT® cloud services: The digital platform for product verification, traceability and consumer engagament.