Closure seals for all products and applications

Distinctive seals for all product packages

The annual economic harms for consumers and manufacturers caused by product tampering increase constantly. Especially in the area of online trading a higher level of product protection is mandatory. 

Amazon demonstrated the higher security standards by launching a new regulation that came into force in March 2021 and affects all suppliers of sanitary and cosmetic products. All products must be clearly equipped with a compliant seal. The purpose of this new guideline is to avoid unjustified product returns. 


Advantages for consumers and environment

Consumers can be sure, that the product package was not opened before and that the products are genuine. Particularly in the area of sanitory and cosmetic procducts, the shiping box is often packed addtionally in cellophane. By using Secúrikett seals that are provided in several sizes and shapes, no extra cellophane is needed and a reduction of plastic waste can be accomplished.

Securikett offers a comprehensive solutions with high protection

With a wide range of technically sophisticated tamper-evident and forgery proof seals Securikett not only fulfills all Amazon requirements, but goes one step further. After all, what good is the best closure seal if it isn't tamper-proof?

Securikett is renowned all over the world for its VOID-technology, which can be fully customized and may also include the customer logo in the void effect. These proprietary and absolutely tamper-evident seals can only be sourced directly from Securikett, not from independent retailers. This ensures the highest level of security.

With VOID Seals from Securikett, you protect your products against much more than only unjustified product returns. See a short video (length 3:58) about the possibilities for this technology here.

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Square, round or oval - you determine the shape, size and translucency

Securikett's closure seals provide additional benefits than simply meeting Amazon's technical specifications.

We guarantee that information on existing packaging can also be clearly read when the seal is removed. Therefore, no changes are required to your current design.

You can choose from a rich color palette. We will be happy to advise you so that you can protect and ship all your online products with as few different tamper-evident VOID seals as possible.

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Securikett closure seals with VOID-effect make products easy to authenticate

Your customers will appreciate a clear proof of authenticity - when peeling-off the closure seal, they immediately identify it as an original branded product from your collection. After the seal has been removed, the VOID effect is clearly visible. There is no better customer facing proof of first opening, and originality of product packing, at unit level.

Our tutorial shows you even more additional features our security labels and seals may provide. You can communicate interactively with your consumers, track and trace your products, and much more.