Digital product authentication, consumer engagement and traceability

Digital product security is relevant if you are in a position to identify individual products accurately and then track them along the distribution channel to the customer/end customer. This simultaneously includes online verification for the consumer.


Securikett offers the entire service portfolio!

From the Codikett cloud platform via the integration into your IT and logistics processes to the suitable NFC / RFID functionalities (software and integration with the SecurityLabels).

The creation of this kind of digital infrastructure opens up numerous other possibilities for acquiring valuable data on delivery channels, consumer behaviour and markets. This means that investments in this area will immediately bring multiple benefits, and their costs can be better spread.

The essential components of digital product security are listed below. Securikett's answer to these challenges is known as Codikett – an instantly deployable cloud-based software solution. From packaging to end customers, it's the smart solution for your company.

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Secure and unambiguous code generation

Secure serialization and coding (Unique Product Identity, UID) of individual products is the basis of digital product protection. The core element here is secure codes. These enable simple authentication of original products and are distinguished by the following properties:

  • Uniqueness
  • Non-ambiguity
  • Unpredictability
  • Professional encryption
  • No storage of the created codes required
  • Applicable as 2D codes (ie QR, DataMatrix), NFC, RFID
  • Flexible correlation with other product, production and delivery data

Online verification and customer communication

Online verification and the accompanying customer communication (e.g. via smartphone) serve several purposes:

  • User-friendly application due to printed 2D cdes, NFC or RFID 
  • Building customers' trust in original products
  • Collection of data on customer verifications (where, when, what, how)
  • Situation-based customer communication (e.g. recalls, product information updates)
  • Possibility for inspectors in the market to access logistics data for each individual product as and when required

Variable system responses stimulate interest; more interest leads to more interaction and information on customers and markets.

One and the same code is used for QR code, DataMatrix code, NFC or RFID - SECURIKETT® offers the entire portfolio!

Track and Trace

With regard to Track & Trace, we distinguish between open and closed supply chains. Package delivery services are a good example of closed supply chains. Open supply chains, on the other hand, are the totality of a number of different and possibly incompatible supply chains.

However, it is important for brand owners to be able to track products via all supply chains and distributors. This is the only way to achieve end-to-end product tracking and transparency in goods flows so as to be able to identify and reduce grey trade and parallel trade etc.

In addition, traceability is of decisive importance for all stakeholders:

  • Proof of origin and originality
  • Transparency of cross-company distribution channels (touchpoints)
  • Analysis of the flow of goods
  • Secured transactions with blockchain technology

Business data analytics

The UID is completed by numerous product-related attributes such as the batch number, delivery date and distributor . Serialisation, packaging hierarchies and Track & Trace all generate large quantities of valuable data in the course of day-to-day business. Such data rise in value as the lifespan of the product increases.

A decisive advantage is the ability to analyse and intuitively visualise these data over the entire lifespan from different perspectives.