Stop unauthorized distribution.


With Codikett full track & trace and GEO tracking of your products (SKUs, cartons and pallets), you enable end-to-end monitoring of your distributors and supply chains.

Knowing where your products have to be, where they are in reality and who the last known contact was will help you to reduce the loss of revenue. 

Benefit of the complete solution of Securikett for almost every industry.


The map above shows the Codikett monitoring of your distributors and supply chains.

  • Track every scan of consumers, disributors, wholesalers and retailers globally.
  • Codikett distinguishes and analyses in real time, where the planned supply chain was breached.
  • Codikett documents each scan: Where, when, who, which product, which distribution channel, inventories and more.
  • Drill down to each scan.


The chart above shows the Codikett analytics of each distributor.

  • Support and manage your distributors by observing the territories where they are responsible for.
  • Analyse product movements within the sales territory
  • Analyse product movements outside the sales territory
  • Drill down to each scan