Process integration of traceability in IT & logistics


The quality of a digital product security solution depends on how well it is integrated!

We will work in cross-departmental teams. The goal is to describe the detailed steps and tasks towards the integration of Codikett cloud platform functions into your existing processes and supply chain. Also external supply chains will be considered.


  • In our workshop you'll gain a joint, cross-departmental understanding of the current methods, possibilities and terminology of the code-based product and brand protection with the Codikett cloud platform for digital product security, consumer engagement and traceability.
  • Assess the benefits and impacts of Codikett cloud platform on your marketing, IT and logistics processes.
  • You will gain an appreciation of the possibilities and impacts of the currently available tools, technologies and realistic approaches  to a future-proof product and brand protection strategy – with reference both to your individual situation and to the possibilities that Codikett will open up for it. 


The result of the entire workshop and the recommended actions for your product and brand protection strategy will be described in a detailed report that you are free to use for further decisions. 

Recommended participants

Staff from IT, logistics, marketing and distribution teams.


Webinar or on site.

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